current 2023 pricing

Recreation - $45/lesson for training once or twice per week, 4 to 5 weeks of the month. Includes Tiny Trotters (once a week). Badge testing is offered 3 times per year at the cost of $45 per test.

Intro Competitive - $320/Month flat rate. Includes a spot on a competitive squad or pairs and individual training once per week. This program is best suited for first- or second-year competition. Open to all ages, levels D Walk through B Trot


Competitive - $380/Month flat rate. Includes a spot on a competitive squad, individual training twice per week, and one drop-in class per week which can include aerials or competitive technique ground training. This program offers the student the opportunity to train in 4 classes per week at a discounted rate. Competitive students receive 50% off drop-in rates for additional classes. Open to ages 5+, levels D Walk through AA Canter.

FEI Level (Highest level of equestrian competition with opportunities to compete internationally)- $420/month. All-inclusive classes, ground training mandatory. 

Aerial Acrobatics - $35/lesson. We offer Aerial Acrobatics cross training, which many of our vaulters really enjoy. Our Aerial Acrobatics classes include aerial hoop, trapeze and silks. The Aerial class teaches the students coordination, strength, flexibility and confidence which aids in their training for their competitive teams and individual training.

Family rate of 20% off for 2nd child


About Squad Vaulting (Team)….

Our competitive and intro competitive programs train squad vaulting which is a group of 6 vaulters who train together for the whole competition season. In squad vaulting, the 6 participants learn compulsory exercises which are performed individually with their squad, as well as a squad freestyle. The squad freestyle consists of a 4 minute choreographed routine set to music with a theme. The squad freestyle has up to 3 people on the horse at a time, and the 6 vaulters rotate though the routine to each have a part in the freestyle on the horse. The squads compete together at multiple events throughout the competition season.

**All programs are charged per lesson and billed monthly unless otherwise stated.
All monthly fees are due in advance by the 1st of each month, payable to Freedom Acrobatics. All competitive programs have a yearly commitment until fall of that year. All recreation programs, including aerial acrobatics, require one month notice for leaving a class.