Our Horses

We would not be able to do what we do without our special horses, they are loved, valued members of our club. Our horses train not only in vaulting but also cross train in English riding. Any breed of horse can be a vaulting horse but typically you'll see drafts, draft crosses and warmbloods ideal for the sport as they are big and strong and possess the calm disposition and steady gait required to be a vaulting horse. 



Belgian/Thoroughbred Cross

Promise is our most experienced vaulting horse and the herd leader. Promise has lovely ground manners and is indeed a gentle giant. Promise is our most decorated horse, winning the BC Team Horse Award many times over.



Clydesdale/Thoroughbred Cross

Cyrus is kind and curious, lower in the herd pecking order, he gets along with all horses. Cyrus knows his job very well as he is our 2nd most experienced vaulting horse. Cyrus was awarded the BC Trot Horse.




Bumbles is our only mare, she's as sweet as she looks and has a kind, gentle nature, perfect for her job as walk/trot horse for the youngest vaulters. If you scratch her neck you've made a friend for life. 


Percheron/Quarter Horse Cross

Rocky is one of the newer members of the herd but it feels like he's been with us forever, he's taken so well to his new job, always eager to come out to ride and enjoys all the love and attention he gets from the vaulters everyday.



Jellybean is a club favourite among all the kids, ok he's a favourite among the adults too - Just look at how cute he is! Mainly a companion to Rocky, Jellybean is a little gentleman, he's patient and calm which makes him perfect to teach little humans all about how to care for horses. He enjoys all the grooming and attention he gets from the littles...and the horse cookies too!



Belgian/Quarter Horse Cross

Diesel is our newest addition to the herd and continues his training. He is such a sweet boy and and has come a long way, he has formed lovely bonds with many of our vaulters and especially with his paddock mate Cyrus. What a stunner Diesel is!